Thursday, August 9, 2018

Offworld - Astro Black (feat. Vanessa Freeman)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we handle this Throwback Thursday type of business..

The saga / struggle continues as you see I like to say; my constituents know what the deal is..

Oh yes!! they know what the real is!! no need for Rudy Giuliani to speak for them like he does for Trump...

Shooting game to Robert Mueller and the American people; smoke and mittors? we see through!! now we respond with this good word and beats that bump..

Robbing / looting in the game is rebuked, spots get nuked with the sound per this Sonic Assault...

Lobbing sonic grenades and IED's, please!! how else were we supposed to respond to the hell that's caught?

Responding to these charades listening to  Offworld  aka Kirk Degiorgio with Astro Black (feat. Vanessa Freeman)

This is their take on the Sun Ra classic; in fact, you can call me Astro Black, I'm intergalactic when I come back with it!! just trying to get free and stay free man!!

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