Friday, August 10, 2018

Joakim Lone Octet - Twice Thinking (Dego's 2000 Black Remix)

Flashback Friday is here!! it's reflected in this edition of Digital Crate Digging that continues..

Back in the day type of music will play, but something futuristic is also on  these menus..

Back in the way in these venues, throwing shade like Omarosa about Trump throwing around the N Word? 

What did you expect karma to render, but the game is not over; beats will thump and we'll drop this good word..

You heard? karma will make some Think Twice like Donald Byrd; Joakim Lone Octet mentioned Twice Thinking (Dego's 2000 Black Remix)

Broken beat / jazz funk for Flashback Friday; you heard? Dego and 4 Hero contributed to the mix..

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