Sunday, August 5, 2018

Matanza - Existencia (Acid Pauli Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! excuse us as we continue down this path, we're just trying to get our minds right..

A dude is trying not to spaz, lose me with  the confusion; this math will rebuke it based on being futuristic plus having 20 /20 hindsight..

A dude is trying not to spaz like the Trump /  Russian Collusion wrath!! my kind are tight with the low profile moves...

The attitude? breakbeat scientific per this institution!! digital crate digging continues as we gather low profile / rare grooves...

The attitude? just trying to enhance my existence listening to Matanza with Existencia (Acid Pauli Remix)

Some Latin jazz / future jazz? that's what the deal is!! somebody might just fell this as we get breakbeat scientific..

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