Sunday, August 19, 2018

Da One Away ft. Bembe Segue - The Mind

Sunday Jazz Continues!! the saga / struggle continues!! you don't quit / you don't stop!!

We keep moving / grooving / show and proving!! might as well since the madness didn't stop..

We cosmic slop!! this soul , jazz, funk, broken beat fusion is amusing!! uplifting while cruising through the universe!! 

We keep it moving like Elon Musk said he would!!  these days? rocking Gucci Guilty but back in the day? I rocked the Musk because I could, based on my works...

..of the low income / blue collar variety until I "got my mind right"; Da One Away ft. Bembe Segue even mentioned The Mind

Da One Away? a collaboration of  Dennis McFarlane aka Dego,  Ian Grant aka IG Culture , plus Kaidi Tatham ; a sonic calibration, uplifiting the culture!! these cats are playing, so what's on your mind?

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