Sunday, August 12, 2018

Inverse Cinematics - Detroit Jazzin' (Dublex Inc. Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! the saga / struggle continues!! what's up? we'll keep bringing  it...

That good jazz music plays on a hot sunny day in Atlanta!! earlier today? the praise and worship team was singing it..

In the hood jokers spaz, brawling like the Jets vs the Redskins at their joint practice; or maybe like ANTIFA vs White Nationalists up in Washington...

In the hood? jokers were balling, until haters started meddling because they weren't anointed!! what's your point I was asked they said I was irrational with this!! they asked me what's up son?

What's good? they said I was falling but I was like Inverse Cinematics,  Detroit Jazzin' (Dublex Inc. Remix)

What's good? we're falling through with this sound and a verse or two rebuking fanatics as we get breakbeat scientific..

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