Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bajka - True (Bahama Soul Club Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're putting it down, might as well say we're  all in..

The saga / struggle continues!! getting down but staying on point, not wondering about the rabbit hole we'll fall in..

Soon calling for back up, meanwhile we'll turn the track up!! we're not listening to these Rudy Giuliani types talking about the truth isn't the truth..

Check the style as O-Dizzle gets breakbeat scientific; one of his mixes mentioned the Deliberate Falsehood, turn the track up!! we're talking about the system's attempt to keep us from the truth...

Jokers we're acting false in the hood like Trump calling John Dean a rat, but the truth will set you free...

Meanwhile we're listening to Bajka with a track called  True (Bahama Soul Club Remix); check it out to see what the deal will be..

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