Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What's The Business PT.7

The Humpday Extravaganza is going down!! we're answering those that were asking me, what's the business?

Getting over the hump, showing and proving!! like I said  we're answering those that were asking me, what's the business?

We're grooving!! O-Dog is throwing down!! check out the Sonic Assault or is it the gauntlet?

Who's proving that the game is shady like grady? like Israelis mad at Cory Booker so called sweet deals were fraudulent. 

What's the business? Like Rick Gates and Paul Manafort we know how crooks will do!! my clearance rack epiphanies mentioned there was no bargain for it,  so who's real with it?

Gamblers were out for a fast buck!! outside the gates of the projects shooting dice or on another level shady corporations on welfare hit up the treasury!!  now CEO's are chilling down in Brazil with it.

Down here in Atlanta a fast truck, Dodge Ram or Ford F-150  driven by crooks passed me up on I-20;  I was told to deal with it, even Dr Phil said get over it.

Who'll understand a brotha? what's the business? almost got out of Dodge I was caught in a jam but now we drop this breakbeat science, using  this good word and the sound to get over with.

Who'll understand a brotha? what's the business? "It ain't over and done with"  /   "It ain't over, the party's not over" per  Guy with their Teddy's Jam joint!! I couldn't quit / I can't let up!!  it didn't add up.

Who's understand another? haters  will slap them up,  paint over their symbol or emblem!! challenged!! they  knew you wouldn't stand up.

What's the business? from the get go they knew they could jam some up in the mode of least resistance. 

What's the business? collateral damage in spiritual warfare?  just victims of circumstances? 

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