Friday, August 10, 2018

What's The Business PT. 8 ( We're Working It Out)

What's the business? we're working it out!!  I'm down here in the ATL,  where per Flashback Friday?  Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz told us to get crunk.

Who you wit? that was the question asked by them and Bernie Mac!! but check the O-Dog track as he got intergalactic after consulting with aliens; this is what they meant by funk...

Peaceful before Trump sent his Space Force, but pardon me as I stay on course; as these earthlings talk junk, per the old school cliche? who's popping the trunk?

What's the business? we come through with force, on the strength!! popping the rim like a Chocolate Thunder dunk!! 

What's the business? I'm up on Buford Highway in Doraville avoiding the thunder truck driven by the padres with automatic weapons stashed like cartels and with the 808 thumping!!

What's the business? working it out, doing it my way with this good word and we let the music play!! that's word from the maestro Barry White, who's starting something?

What's the business? we're  working it out, "Wannabe starting something"  like Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

...Inspired by the Godfather of soul James Brown;  can we get down? it's like drama per the NFL and the National Anthem; it doesn't quit and it doesn't stop..

But haters conspired!!  they didn't want to see Congressman Jim Jordan take a fall, they're getting down like that!!

What transpired? over here in Decatur we moved from John Hardy's to Ed Hardy's, to a fresh pair of Jordan's that could be fake;  it's like this and like that!!

What's the business!! at the Sonic Assault Hard Times was mentioned but we're working it out!!

What's the business? you might have caught me rocking this blue collar style, going hard for mine!! Lord willing, things will eventually work out..

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