Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Man Who Creates Clouds Ibiza Afro House Session August 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; it's going down like this!!

The saga / struggle continues even in this new month of August as we continue to fight this..

...spiritual warfare; taking it there, we're still out here bumping heads with these QAnon type of fanatics...

Others were shopping at Trump Grocery Stores while these beats bump settling scores while floating down the mainstream of mathematics..

Acting erratic with this by going back and moving forward on this Throwback Thursday?  it goes down from Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenberg; from the ATL to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Mars..

Sounds are dropped by The Man Who Creates Clouds Ibiza Afro House Session August 2018!! check the playlist and the mix that's playing, Johannesburg style!! this sound is used to heal the scars..

Sounds are dropped by The Man Who Creates Clouds; we heard from him earlier with a Black Coffee tribute..

Breakbeat science is dropped like rain from the clouds as this sound will move crowds; going off!! work is put in, no time to act or be cute..


 DHAR MFURA - Izingqi 

 KLUNSH - Intercone 

 BLANKA MAZIMELA - Phezulu (Aero Manyelo remix) 

 IVORY - Inventing Words

WILSON KENTURA - Dark Diving (Aquatic mix)

KLUNSH - Hayru Marka

SHIMZA - All Alone (feat Argento Dust) 

FROM P60 feat LISA SHAW - Magic (Enoo Napa remix)

 CIOZ - Urban Linien 

 TONY LORETO - Downfall (dub mix) 

 DHAR MFURA - 24hrs 

 SYLVA DRUMS - Pegale 


 KEINEMUSIK - Muye (BlackCoffee Remix)


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