Thursday, August 30, 2018

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.5

It's going down on a Throwback Thursday; your dude is still Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian..

My attitude goes back and moves forward; has 1968 ways and means morphed into 2018? check the shady dealing..

Oh Yeah!! per Throwback Thursday? it's hot like the 60's / 70's / 80's with temperatures in the 90's like here in Atlanta!! also per Throwback Thursday were strobe lights in the disco warning us that the roof is on fire? damn!! that's what it is? 

I'm chilling like a villain / Louisvillian while Robert Mueller type probes are undertaken!!  blue ribbon committees and task forces stay busy!! proof provided? like dude up at the old Checker Cab stand in Louisville liked to say; it is what it is!!

The Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz  shady media blitz will exhibit ecological ignorance that will alter the fate!! soon limelight baskers get caught out there...

Psychological problems led to the belligerence?  some are just hired guns that will contribute to the madness; who else is caught out there?

Sociological and economical factors have us tripping!! they even  had me dipping!! a bruh is intergalactic,  rolling on the Mars Venus Express.

Soon I'm back down on earth  rolling down Candler Road in Decatur Georgia listening to Con Funk Shun per Throwback Thursday, but who'll work with me? please, we're struggling!! damn!!  it looks like my people can't handle the stress

Lord Help!!  Lord Help!! that's the Battle Cry!! now we're dipping at a high velocity with the speed you need..

These days? this good word is introduced plus the brand new funk is dropped....can we get down like Craig Mack? true indeed...

True indeed!! we're Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian, for inquiring minds that wanted to know this is what it do!! 

When the pressure is felt,  two questions are asked; What would Jesus do? plus what would a Louisville brotha do? 

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