Friday, August 1, 2014

The Saga / Struggle Continues: I See They're Still Going Through It!!

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!! like Israelis handling Hamas tunnels they were acting like they knew it.

They're like pundits and so called experts in their networks with tunnel vision;  acting brand new with it. 

I'm using a fresh view / fresh vision but actually?  everybody is going through it!!  from one degree to another. 

....from Chicagoland to Afghanistan;  from the Gaza Strip to the Ukraine;  what's up mane?  breakbeat science is dropped by this brotha. 

This is not breakbeat science fiction!!  real action is occurring!!  astrologers blame in on the Uranus Pluto Square.

Breakbeat science is what were kicking;  there's no room in our circle for a square! 

We take you there like Staple Singers;  actually?  all of us are already there. 

No Staple Center championship banners!!  even the Lakers are going through it!! they can't go there. 

These fakers are going through it!!  fronting and flexing!  but they know their cash ain't right! 

Even in Ukraine!!  they're going through it!!  rebels were even denying access to the MH17 crash site!

What's up mane? O-Dizzle's stash is tight!!! the saga / struggle continues..

O-Zone is staying in his lane!!! especially since he's driving an eighteen wheeler while he travels through the danger zone!! the saga / struggle continues...

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