Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / Next Level Business Is Conducted

Once again it's on! next level business is still conducted!!  as we proceed and continue; continue!!

While the masses were corrupted on both sides per either oath keepers in Ferguson, Mo or American Jihadists per Douglas McCain were up in soul's kitchen; cooking this delicious meal!! this is for those who ask what's next on the menu?

What's up with it? while Russia invades Ukraine others talk a good game but gossip and innuendo is avoided; it's similar to poison!! 

Breakbeat Science is in full effect; we felt the pressure but now we bring the noise cousin!!

.. dealing with the hot mess we're in like the Gaza Strip or over in Iraq avoiding suicide bombers or roadside bombs!!

Check this word from the hot messenger as I sprinkle spoken word over broken beats and O-Dog's drums!!!

I was confused with bums on the street; I was rocking an old Phat Farm shirt and non descript jeans from Value City before they closed in Atlanta; O-Zone is dressed bummy;

I'm a Louisvillian / Louisvillain in the ATL but not fresh and clean per OutKast ; but not to be confused with a dummy!!!!

You'll get a Nathan Shady Deal in Georgia; in Dekalb County you can catch a case if you don't fall in line; that's per  county profit margins or budget lines!!  charges will get trumped up!!

Please!!! this brotha knew the deal!! so I'm up in the lab with O-Dog ; beats are drummed up!!

Consequences are summed up!! now like Panem in the Hunger Games demonstraters rush up on the these Capitols

Immigrants demand rights; but these folks "ain't right" in the ongoing festival of capitalists....

Meanwhile; I keep coming back with this!! check out this Breakbeat Science!!!

As Next Level Dramatics escalate; as some lose their minds! as Next Level Fanatics impose fees, penalties and fines!!!!

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