Friday, August 22, 2014

Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinal Hat PT.3

It's going down!!  your homie is rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat. 

It's going down!! the outfit was red and black!! I told the other homie I wasn't an Atlanta Falcon fan I was a Louisville representative;  but they didn't know anything about that. 

I could have told them to check First 48 for the score but I did without that; but I wasn't tentative!!  I already knew about the drama!!

 Louisville /  Newburg default settings are in effect!! that's what's up with a brotha. 

Hip to the Purge!!  now DHS will have a surge!! they'll even plant Agent Provocateurs like in Ferguson; how's that working son?  I told ya alt shift delete per the matrix architect was the deal!! I didn't merge with wannabes that fake it; please!!  I was all about the real.  I'm already hip to the Ferguson Missouri type scenarios;  as the homies rock the St Louis Cardinal hats "repping"  their city. 

The Midwest is like that!!  but Ferguson disrespected Jesse Jackson per selling out; that's per the street committee   

So what's up with me?  not claiming I run things like Al Sharpton but I'm repping the Ville hard with the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat! 

So what's up?  I'm staying on point!!  I wasn't ego / power tripping like Rick Perry!!  I didn't fall for that!

So what's up? I'm staying on point!! a Negro wasn't flashing the middle finger like Johnny Manziel..

So what's up? I'm empowered by the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat so business gets handled..

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