Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Heard What Was Said / The Situation Stinks

I heard them talking!!  it sounded like they were farting!!  but I heard what was said. 

I heard they were stalking!!  supposedly pimping but they'll need to catch up!!  I heard they were misled. 

Holes in their souls will need to be batched up!!  they were fed an unhealthy diet.

 O-Zone rolls another way!!  something fresh is batched up!! during the ongoing Obamanomics who's healthy wealthy and wise? damn!! I heard what was said!!  why lie about it? 

Who's "bout it bout it"  per Master P;  the architect tried to patch me into the matrix but The Lord was ordering my steps. 

Others find out about it during the process when they tried to skip steps. 

I heard what was said!! they were asking what is hip? sounding like they were Tower Of Power!!

I heard what was said!! they said they're coming with it after peeping game per Jimi Hendrix in the Watchtower..
I heard what was said!! it's Saturday and Jehovah's Witnesses delivered the Watchtower but these Decatur Georgia jokers were loud and boisterous up in the old school  deuce and  quarter. 

Their breath was kicking after drinking adult beverages from the white styrofoam cup!! they were out of order!!

Old girl was sticking to the original plan by spraying the original fragrance of Lysol into the air!!

The drama will unfurl like the Gaza Strip but this brotha is trying not to flip!! I heard what was said and the situation stinks!! but I knew these jokers wouldn't play fair!!

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