Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Wasn't Fooling With Them PT.4

We're all up in the spot!!  but some were cut from a different cloth!!  we were on different pages. 

The shadetree mechanic had the wrong spot measured;  he used different gauges. 

Nathan "Shady"  Deals go down like Georgia ethics investigations!! so this brotha is not fooling with them.

Fake ones try to play me;  but at the end of the day?  I'm schooling them. 

At the end of the day? The Sonic Blackjack will swing!! it's  teaching them a lesson.

Armchair quarterbacks run the play!! like football season I'm back jack!!  some will get what's coming to them!!  check out the sonic aggression. 

The apparatus had the people stressing; from Ferguson Missouri to the Gaza Strip. 

Solidarity is shown worldwide; it's going down from the show me state to the Islamic state;  this brotha is trying not to flip!! 

I'm trying not to skip steps during the process; I'm trying to be thorough like I had the ZMapp antidote for Ebola..   

As I dip down I-20 in Atlanta check out these breakbeat scientific techniques; as a bruh will "go for what he know"

The system was dysfunctional; but who'll understand a bruh? aliens told me how the funk should go while O-Zone was peeping game..

Some try to fan the flames like Fox News but I'm on what the block knew; we're hip to these games!! 

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