Sunday, August 10, 2014

Change Of Scenery PT.6

Were all up in the spot!! damn!! like police in the St. Louis Missouri area killing the black teen !! we just got here per the change of scenery and jokers we're already screwing up. 

 It's hot in souls kitchen like it's Sweetie Pies in St. Louis; so check these potions and elixirs were brewing up! 

...Plus thought and fashion police were acting brand new up in this thing!! plus when a politician mis-spoke it hid the lies!! so I was staying on point. 

Sonic Assaults are utilized when clashing with the arch nemesis as I rebuke the census!!  I wasn't the one they'll anoint. 

Hell is caught like Gaza Strip drama!! now routines rites and rituals have some falling into a rut.

 Now they're caught up in the system / matrix!!  victimized by those that are corrupt. 

So what's up with it?  will the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit break up the NCAA system / matrix? inquiring minds ask me as they see me go on with my bad self!! 

 So what's up with it?  like Kevin Ward you'll get run over by Tony Stewart types!! like Russia vs Ukraine the empire will bring the chaos and confusion!!  I stay on point to protect my physical and spiritual health. 

Plus the mental;  O-Zone felt the pressure but he's trying to maintain!! O-Dizzle had the funky instrumental plus this good word is dropped.

It's based on intergalactic journeys when we changed the scenery;  now these brothas cosmic slopped.

But the madness never stopped!! Seaboarding and West Coasting helped when we changed the scenery...

Now O-Dizzle hip hopped, jazzed it up and dropped funk!! but staying on accord with the Higher Power there's no bragging or boasting!! things can change!! we know what the deal will be!! 

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