Sunday, August 3, 2014

At The End Of The Day? We're Just Trying To Maintain PT. 2

Chilling in the ATL,  the big city!!  while handling I-20 Chronicle type business I was at the Five Points MARTA station. 

We're dealing with the madness due to gangsta chronicle type of issues; the system isn't failsafe!!  those that shuck and jive get anointed!! just check the installation.

 It's due to the instigation;  but that's another story!!  meanwhile somebody said damn!!  I just missed the train. 

In more ways than one due to the instigation!!  I'm hip to the situation!!  I'm just trying to maintain.

Some are just in pain;  I'm out here on Buford Highway in Atlanta or Chamblee dodging other Republican hated immigrants and refugees rolling in old school Hondas and Toyotas;  some might understand me when I say that's it rough out here!! 

Stained souls left their residue on the curb after being kicked to the curb!!  Takaa vodka bottles and empty Newport cartons!! whatcha starting?  it's rough out here! 

As we go there I spotted sista girl going through the trash can pulling out old lottery scratch off tickets!! she's trying to see if somebody missed it!! 

As we go there / out here on Buford Highway!!  we checked the mystery and we solved it; her boyfriend committed suicide due to the upcoming break up!! he couldn't stand the pain so he said miss him with it!

Meanwhile Buford T Justice types were avoided;  they'll try to bring the pain. 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase / cliche!!  null and void is the contract!!  were just trying to maintain. 

What's up with us? I told the church lady I'm trying to stay in my lane especially since I drive an eighteen wheeler!!

I'm just trying to maintain!! please!! down here in Georgia?  they'll have a Nathan Shady Deal for ya!!


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