Monday, August 25, 2014

Broken Beats and Broken English

Lifes are shattered; where's AWB? I can see all the pieces that are broken..

Pieces were scattered due to winds of change blowing per Hurricane Cristobal; what really mattered? check the English that's written and spoken....

It's even broken!! somebody at Blogster said it's sick like Ebola!! similar to the beats that O-Dog will use...

This is the essence of this discipline / breakbeat science!!  we're just Doing What We Do!!  you can't lose with the stuff we use!!!

That's per Reverend Ike; but this is what it do!! check out the signals / signs!! they're not meant to confuse; or even frighten; we choose to enlighten.

Next Level business is handled as we do what we like per Digital Underground but there are no next level dramatics!! plus we're not shadetree mechanics!  no screws do we tighten!!

Due to hostile takeovers and terroristic threats we're in a state of heightened security; no purity; waters are stagnant.

Who had the hot style? so called master plans and agendas attract trouble like a magnet!!

Fouls are flagrant committed by these  DHS type agents and provocteurs; they're intentional;  plus referees look the other way!!!

Who's caught up in the system / matrix? I couldn't take it!! they act like this  Malcolm X / Detroit Red type of brotha  just got here the other day!!!!

Disrespected; they tried to play me the other way!!  I came through listening to Roy Ayer's Virgo Red when the mothership landed!! with  the earth's downtrodden?   I connected!!

Planets were retrograde;  now moving forward!! check the New Moon in Virgo!!  some we're misled / waiting in the dark!! now the universe corrects it!!

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