Friday, August 29, 2014

Still Waiting In The Dark ; They're About to Blackout

Once again it's on; as we proceed and continue to do what we do!! we're bringing Breakbeat Science!!

Some remain in the dark; they're about to blackout!! no daylight!! they'll close the blinds!!

ISIS types roll up like it's Iraq!! they'll do a blackout then post it on social media!! what's up? I see ya!! others close their minds; now that's the real deal!!!!!!

ISIS strategies anyone?  who has the Real Deal Holyfield? glass house residents throw stones like Rick Perry!!   it's scary!! some are victimized by a poison doctrine; it has them real ill!!!

During the crisis? we had these good words and brand new funk while some are kicking lies; chill with the gossip and innuendo!!!

Please!! who's paying the price? some aren't  knowing even half the story of what one has been through.

Hatred? oh it's showing!! so whatcha gonna do?  I told an oath keeper it's in you! during the Purge in Griffin Georgia will it be purged ???

We're fast breaking like Blake Griffin but down here in Georgia there's a lot of Nathan Shady Dealing; flagrant agents are growing in ranks!!  it appears evil forces have merged!!

Some splurged; how were they living? how can they do that? what's the credit rating?

What's next? they're urged on by credit card offers in the mail; let's buy!!  no debating!!

What's next? Now skating through on new wheels; Escalade or Navigator.

What's next? new home?  adjustable mortgage rate!! oh oh!! it's gone up!! you told them I'll catch you later!!!

Now waiting in the dark about to blackout!! O-Dizzle puts the track out!! but they said I was a hater!!!  it's because O-Zone did the knowledge!!!

I wasn't waiting in the dark; a brotha kept it moving!! the mothership gets good mileage!!

Even though the old school Toyota Camry has a lot of mileage; I'm  still putting it down!!

I see you when you don't see me; shining the flashlight in the dark; a brotha gets around!!


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