Saturday, August 30, 2014

Broken Beats and English PT.3 Dangerous Minds?

Not new to things;  or Spaces and Places like Donald Byrd!!

Acting like I knew things; while Ferguson Missouri types  plot and scheme on erasing the people we fight back; we were fascinated by broken beats and the spoken word!!

You heard!!! that's the Hip Hop cliche used, it's part of this Breakbeat Science!!

Stereotypical; mainstream?  critical!! like Putin warning enemies of Russia they said we have dangerous minds!!

It's all political; crimes are legal if you know how to write the laws!!

It's pitiful!! like Ted Cruz and government shutdowns who's Friends or Strangers per Ronnie Laws?

Sharpening claws; refusing to lose!! I'm trying to get out of the box that I'm in!!!

Hustles getting knocked!! Just when I was just trying to win!!

Check the hustle!! O-Dog rocked plus the good word is dropped!! part of the broken beats and English strategy but I'm too busy!!  losing sleep like Sleepy Floyd; eyes drooping!!

Check the hustle; clocked by Nathan Shady Dealing type Georgia authorites up in the Sloppy Floyd building down by the Capitol!! they said I was radical!! but instead, I'm in the lab!! it's drums I'm looping!!

Check the percussions!! now like Capitol in the Hunger Games so called powers that be catch karmic repercussions; it's way too real!!!

I heard the discussions; so called pundits and  experts tell us the way to feel so they can capitalize on the situation

I heard the discussions!! I wasn't asleep or distracted; I see corporate CEO'S steal; now the rank and file have no pension!!!

Politicians accept bribes, payoffs and kickbacks; for legislation!!

In the midst of all this?  check the broken beats and English as we bring you this Breakbeat Science!!

.....And they try to say were the ones with the dangerous minds!!!

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