Saturday, August 2, 2014

I Pulled The Plug

What it do?  the social experiment is over!!  I pulled the plug on it. 

But the social engineering continues in other realms;  who's railroaded on social networks? damn!!  your mugshot was on it. 

The wannabe diva in the ATL pulled the thug;  reminded me of Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks

The non believer failed to do the mathematics out here in the mainstream!! they were waiting in the dark. 

The non believer was baffled when Clark Kent turned into Superman!!  but it wasn't Shaq or Dwight Howard

...with James Harden as the other go to player;  with others just playing a role!!  but one refused to fight!! now they're considered a coward.  

Whatcha starting?  the last hour can get ugly!!  the apparatus was playing with your soul!! pulling the plug can be an option.  

Whatcha know?  were in the heart of this thing like it was a tunnel in the Gaza Strip stretching over to Israel!!  a brotha might flip!! it's getting way to real!! damn!!  that's an option. 

The mothership landed me on this forsaken planet where a brotha is taken for granted. 

I pulled the plug on the social experiment;  if I did or didn't these earthlings would have damned it. 

I pulled the plug on it; I wasn't trying to reset it!! I was moving on..

I didn't take a pull off the drug laced Swisher!! plus I ignored the hoper or wisher!! I was moving on..

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