Sunday, August 17, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Business / Doing What We Do

As we proceed and continue; we're trying to be easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores; we're letting you know what's on our minds!
What's on the menu?  like the Rosetta spacecraft approaching comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, check out the process; this is Breakbeat Science!!!!!

Beats and rhymes aka broken beats and English are used in the process; Rosetta Stone is mad at O-Zone!! but these methods are scientific!

These are rough times; from Ferguson Missouri to the Gaza Strip danger zones were trying not to flip!! we're trying to maintain!! that's the way and the only way that a brotha like me will kick it!!

..As this system sticks it to us; whatcha working with? even investment firms in the US get slick with others making Argentina default on loans; for everyone?  the outlook is bleak..

Ignoring the knowledge Rick Perry types kick to us; they'll spin it another way!! check the info as the spinmeisters tweak

For us? there's no information overload!! we're doing what we do!! chilling out in the  lab; beats and rhymes we tweak; as the mind travels through the universe...

One step ahead of Hunger Game type manipulated scenarios that were meant to be the worst!!!

From riding in a hearst, laid out in trauma wards or being locked down!! 

Not I ; said he; breakbeat scientific business is conducted!! Check out the flavor burst when we rock this sound!!!

Next level moves are made!! please believe me!! this brotha stays on a diet; whose introducing beef ??

Next level dramatics will occur; even a mockery is made of a religious belief!!!

How do you spell relief?? I spell it p-r-a-y-e-r; I believe thats prayer!!!!!

That's the way we make it!! the armor and shield is now worn; my aura has another layer!!! 


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