Saturday, August 2, 2014

Inside Jokers PT.2

We're out here paying the price! but like India and the WTO deal going through the process almost broke us.

 We're out here subject to the authority; it's the chaos and confusion caused by inside jokers. 

Wall Street and ghetto stock brokers were "cheeba tokers"  after the caper was pulled.

Y'all's street was full of fakers!! confirmed after papers were pulled. 

Alt shift delete is in full affect; a fool was trying to break us!! they're rolling like the architect in the matrix.

...Or empowered like the Capitol of Panem in the Hunger Games;  a geek or webmaster will try to fake it. 

We exercise power like a forward per Karl Malone but no assists were coming from John Stockton types. 

They reminded me of Republicans concerning immigration with their exercises in futility;  what are some on?  they're inside jokers!!! but we rock them!! we're the types.

Exercises in futility?  like Dwayne Wade ready for this season urban legends and hypes believed what's achieved!! what's the legacy? 

I knew what the deal would be!!  inside jokers dipped in the 90's model Acura Legend or broke down Subaru Legacy.

Still dipping down I-20 here in Atlanta along with these Toyota Corollas that for some reason seem to be in the way...

What's up money? they were a bunch of inside jokers or armchair quarterbacks trying to run a play!!

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