Friday, August 15, 2014

All Up In The Spot; Regular Scheduled Programming PT.3

Were all up in the spot!! damn!!  we're back on regular scheduled programming. 

Please!!  things are hot like Vegas in the summer; or maybe like Ferguson Missouri; meanwhile O-Dizzle is not slow jamming. 

So whatcha knowing? this is word from a retro-futuristic brotha!! a joker said I was a back in the day type of cat. 

Please!!  I'm trying to broker a peace agreement per the Gaza Strip;  I've moved beyond all this and that.

Regular routines rites and rituals?  a brotha might flip or diplomatic immunity is invoked.  

Those involved in the regular scheduled programming said holla atcha kinfolk!! 

 They said we've been broke!!  I guess that's why the rat on 22nd street in Louisville wore the wire and had the camera. 

Regular scheduled programming broke them;  due to the Purple Drank and altered Swishers out in these streets they lacked stamina!! 

 My peeps were spotted on security cameras;  running up jacking Swisher Sweets like Michael Brown  fron the store up in Ferguson Missouri  

The show me state is showing hate;  some know the real deally. 

I mean really; some good food from Sweetie Pies in St. Louis seen on Oprah's Channel wouldn't change the mood...

I mean really: it's part of the regular scheduled programming; some try to get slick like Rick Perry but others wouldn't understand the Deliberate Falsehood...

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