Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Last Laugh

This is how it's going down; like Maliki holding on in Iraq  rebuttals are issued to doctrines and referendums. 

This is what it do; what's the deally? the good word is dropped and O-Dog will blend them. 

What?  the beats for the streets!!  the funk is certified by extraterrestrials!! they told me how it should go!!

Alt shift delete is the webmasters mission per the architect in the matrix!! so whatcha know? 

I already "know how it go" !! inside jokers were cunning and clever!! but who will get the last laugh? 

They said the joke was on us;  they had us coming and going like this was the last path!! 

This is not the last math;  the status quo is not working!! catch up as the world keeps changing from one moment to the next. 

I'm not the last one to feel the wrath per Ferguson Missouri!! the the evil opponent stays busy!!  the sport is complex. 

We didn't abort our mission!! next level business is handled like we're in the Gaza Strip working on a cease fire..

We didn't abort our mission: may Robin Williams rest in peace; he's out of the line of fire!! 

Some jokers are taking the fire challenge!! others are still in the slimy pit or miry clay per Psalms what it do? 

Whats the deal with it?  these are not the Hunger Games / Catching Fire!! God will deliver us!! so who has the last laugh? so what it do?


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