Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Broken Beats and Broken English PT.2

We were redirected when we clicked on the link to the website. 

We were re-inspected by thought and fashion police during brink of disaster scenarios;  these folk  "ain't right"  

That's per ten shot Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri scenarios!!  or maybe Jordan Davis on Southside and Baymeadows in Jacksonville Florida type of  situations!! or even in your jurisdiction. 

How's that working son? check how  Darren Wilson was fired from the Jennings Missouri jurisdiction!! 

How's that working son?  like American Jihadists in Syria spirits are broken and souls are shattered. 

How's that working son?  pain and anguish is felt;  check out the cards dealt!!  now play that hand!! so what really mattered? 

Work is put in son!! broken beats and broken English are used to deal with this. 

That's the essence of this discipline;  as we come real with this. 

Had to admit;  everybody won't feel this!!  Babylon has them distracted.

They're focused on the glamour and glitz per VMA's 2014 or even the 2014 Emmy Awards in this danger zone; or checking out how these ATL reality shows interacted. 

...Or so called reality shows;  as reality shows me a different picture. 

Broken beats and broken English are the weapons used in this spiritual warfare;  this is a different mixture / scripture

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