Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Didn't Set Off The Metal Detectors When I Packed The Sword Of Truth

I rolled up in the spot!!  but I didn't set off the metal detectors. 

....Even though I'm packing the sword of truth as I bump heads with the uncouth!!  they were just enemy defectors

Rolling like Edward Snowden when he got open!! some of these jokers are disrespecting us and the culture.  

Trolling like the CIA spying on the Senate!! or maybe scheming on winning a pennant like the Oakland A's  trading for Jon Lester; so what's up with a brotha? 

Whatcha knowing?  things can fall apart like the Detroit Water Department!!

Whatcha growing?  that's what I was asked when a hater spotted my secret garden. 

Actually?  I'm providing proof for the  freedom pursuits!!  I'm actually considered armed and dangerous

Arrogant and aloof accusations are met!!  I see them but wouldn't want to be them!!  Cameo told us how strange the situation is. 

All up in the spot where the danger is?  I carry the sword of truth. 

In the midst of do many falsehoods?  jokers were acting false in the hood and it was deliberate!!  so I provide proof. 

The roof is on fire!! the fire is fully involved per fireman's lingo!!

The shot clock didn't expire!! the House delayed August recess to deal with the so called immigration mess; but you can't trust a gringo!!


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