Monday, July 21, 2014

The Benefit Of The Doubt

It's rough out here!!  similar to the Gaza Strip?  so I'm giving these folk the benefit of the doubt. 

As I go there? I'm trying not to flip as I forgive my enemies!! that includes me..without a doubt. 

I still kept the squares out of my circle;  that way the process can run smooth. 

The Uranus Pluto Square will work you!! damn!!  even though we're blessed things haven't run smooth. 

What's up with this?  like Kanye West act like you knew as we show and prove!!  we're going all out. 

We recognize the pattern!! some are stressed so everybody ain't we give them the benefit of the doubt. 

We recognize the pattern!!  after jumping to the conclusion due to the confusion? everybody ain't stable!! this world will knock you off balance. 

Please!!  the sport is complex!! you'll get suspended like A-Rod!!  the league will show malice. 

The suspense and intrigue? it didn't surprise me;  there's no Mamby Pamby or Alice in Wonderland type of business. 

I give jokers the benefit of the doubt;  it's rough out here!!  that's what the deal is !

I give jokers the benefit of the doubt as they find out what the real is!! they're out here cashing reality checks...

This is no joke!! we're serious about this thing!! somebody has to be as society disrespects...

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