Saturday, July 19, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Damn!! It's Business As Usual!!

Were all up in the spot!!  what it do?  damn!!  it's business as usual. 

..More than July weather was making it hot!! now like Israelis vs Hamas in the Gaza Strip some will act brand new with a brotha. 

You're a lie like the devil I was told!!  forces teamed up like they were Al Qaeda and ISIS..even fighting each other!!  they're creating the ongoing crisis. 

Institutions plotted and schemed up in this piece!!  no rebates were issued after paying high prices. 

Confusion is the norm;  players will get dropped like Dan Uggla ..there's nothing nice about this!!  you'll get hemmed up like an old school pimp / player's polyester slacks by the seamstress or tailor. 

Confusion is the norm;  I tried to put some up on the sport / game! who's to blame when the coping strategy fails ya? 

Now losing is the norm;  like cruise ship trapped off Tybee Island the sailor couldn't see the shore due to the harbor mist. 

Last week around this time? we were cruising on Tybee Island with the donks, boxes and bubbles!!  we were Seaboardng while others arent on one accord with this thing!! they're looking for a safe haven or safe harbor!! but it's hard for them to get the gist of this. 

Like Phaedra Parks vs Apollo Nida the bleak outlook had morale at an all time low; hatred some harbor, now demands are made; the list of this and that was presented at the staff meeting...

Wreaking havoc seem to be the habit of thought and fashion police; what's up they asked me? this intergalactic / Apollo 15 type of brotha dropped math on them during the greeting...

Tweaking beats and this good word when we came back with it!! but this is no Showtime at the Apollo type of business!!  breakbeat scientific business is going down as usual!!

I guess that's what it do when were all up in the spot...this is busines as usual...

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