Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Vibrations

Spider senses were tingling like Spiderman I was checking out the vibrations. 

...AKA the vibes;  who has sense in these tribes?  check the Trail Of Tears type migrations. 

Irrational fears in these transmissions?  they were slipping like in my old Cutlass Supreme. 

....Or was it the Olds Delta 88;  when I pulled up to the pump?  I had to get supreme. 

Polar vortexes show us how cold it is;  now Delta Force type teams roll up like they're looking for Bin Laden

The sport is complex;  referees and other officials have been hating!

The sport is complex;  but we're official!!  even though we've been skating on thin ice due to global warming.

But check the vibrations we send out!! we're not talking crazy like James Harden and Dwight Howard as we show supreme courage!! we're not rolling like cowards as we span the globe brainstorming. 

Check the vibrations!! hearts were hardening!! turning cold per the Earth Wind and Fire Ways Of The World...

Check the vibrations!! who's faking? armchair quarterbacks thought they knew the plays of the world...

Who's waiting in the dark? we shine rays of light into the world but I'm not to be confused with Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus.. 

We cruise through the universe!! the dark mystery of time and space is unraveled; now check out the insights dropped after checking out the vibrations!! not acting brand new when this black man drops this thesis... 

Check Out The Vibrations; Circumstances Are Debatable; Being Built Or Torn Down? Check This Mix Out!!

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