Saturday, July 5, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Business / The Saga-Struggle Continues...

We get scientific with it!! it's  like studying these natural processes

A fanatic will fight it!! they didn't want to do the knowledge!!  as they "holla atcha"  one stresses. 

They needed to take a "chill pill"  ..a red or blue one per Morpheus in the Matrix?  what's the deal?  check the metamorphis...the Architect will fake it!!  creating a brand new one.  

So what's the real deal?  class is in session ...with the Sonic Blackjack O-Dog will teach some a lesson..a new one...

I told you I'm not the one!! word from  a Louisville brotha down here in the ATL. 

....aka gets way to real!!  sick like the West Nile?

 It's not Margaritaville per Jimmy Buffett..but after clubbing some are full of it. 

Like Warren Buffett some are trying to cash out!!  like they're full of it. 

Back away from the buffet some were told!!  they're full of it!  they need to check in  with Dr. Ian Smith

The funky track will we get breakbeat scientific with it.. O-dog is a beatsmith. 

O-Zone peeped did some pay? a fanatic was rolling like Agent Smith from the Matrix... 

Nothing but a clone...but once again it's on!! ...breakbeat scientific business is handled...the saga / struggle continues..we didn't fake it...

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