Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Checked The Clock; I Moved On

I checked the clock;  after I moved on from the satellite station!!  I didn't need Flavor Flav to walk in the room. 

 The clock read 9:11; like viewing satellite maps of Gaza's destruction some will flash back to 2001 when that time meant doom. 

Hustle knockers stay busy!! 9/11 corruption due to conspiracy theories?  but I don't let it consume me!!  I stay busy doing what I do. 

Hustle knockers stay busy!! countries tumbled like dominoes per the Congo!! whatcha know?  every now and then jokers might sweat what I'm trying to do.

...like a brotha is lying to you; when 808's, snares, samples and bongos along with this good word shows them I'm dedicated to the truth. 

Had to admit?  I'm on some other other!!  so sometimes  I'm considered arrogant and aloof.  

Homie rocking the Boston Red Sox hat provided proof that I was on the right track!! everytime I looked up he was cockblocking

Plus when rocking the stripped Nautica shirt and khakis he said I looked like Tiger Woods!! that's where he lost one!!  he didn't know half the story!!  O-Deezy is block rocking. 

What's up with ya? man it's tight in these hoods!! that's confirmed  after I checked the clock; it's reading 11:11 and then 1:11 rolled around. 

What's the Dizzle / Deezy?  please believe me it's time to get down!!

The reign began with a drizzle but like Putin scheming up on the Ukraine it's going down!!  

I checked the clock!! plans fizzle!! some are disputing the truth when it is what it is!! I moved on!! that's how I get down!!

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