Saturday, July 26, 2014

Inside Jokers

I was out there dipping!! I was running fast like an Olympian;  Usain Bolt style

I stumbled; tripping!! a hater put their foot out in the aisle!! I was tripped up by the insane!!  lightning bolts flash after the lie was told!! damn!!  the situation is foul. 

I was humbled by the experience; Jamal Bryant and Chris Brown tried to say "those hoes ain't loyal"  damn!! the situation was foul!!

I was humbled by the experience!! some are defiant when they get down!! but now I'm wise to the whole set up or hip to the style..

I stumbled across the program while turning the dial or supposedly moving forward!! now inside jokers laughed at episodes like it was a Nephew Tommy Style prank. 

The response? the bass rumbled during Sonic Assaults!!  broken beats and English were the essence of this discipline!!  I wasn't out here fronting like "Big Bank Hank" 

...the persona and not the rapper;  during ongoing episodes? I was broke but remained dapper!! the case?  I stumbled through it until I had an epiphany. 

Now I put them on the clearance rack like the gear I purchase at Target or Macy's.

But avoiding the shop and frisk per Macys and Barneys; I wasn't in the race...when I was I met interference from inside jokers who were cock blocking!!  you see?  I let the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

These inside jokers were rocking Steve Harvey and Stacy Adams suits with kicks to match!! plus they take Steve Harvey relationship advice!! that's how they play. 

Inside jokers were affilliated with armchair quarterbacks trying to run a play or shadetree mechanics trying to fix something...

Inside jokers made me real with it as I go there!! they provided material for these inside jokes I tell in this breakbeat science!  as I kick a little "something something" 


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