Friday, July 25, 2014

Genuine / Authentic PT.2

Some of these ATLiens are "Real Deal Holyfield" type of characters. 

I'm not playing!! they're certified!! they have those papers!! they're card carrying members. 

The machine doesn't care about them!! it folds mutilates and dismembers!! damn!! they're even dissing members of the secret society. 

So fresh and so clean were the suit wearers!! that's per crooked businessmen, lawyers, and preachers;  all of them said I needed to pay a tax, tithe,  or tribute to be blessed; why lie to me? 

We continue to clash with so called Titans; or is it the Clash of Clans?  as a brotha enlightens the masses. 

Were authentic with this!! when the mothership lands?  we're  genuine when we conduct these seminars and classes

Scientific when we kick this!! meanwhile the ongoing class warfare will get rationalized.. 

Fanatics are sick with this!! WTO and European Union types chop up game!! the money is "internationalized"

Fanatics are sick with this!! even Ukraine scenarios are on the agenda!! you didn't know? I'm not surprised!! 

What's up mane? that's what the rookie from New Orleans asked? as plots and schemes were devised....

.... while trying to run his weak game that us Louisvillians / Louisvillains already know about; please!! we've been pimping like Ken!! like I said  I already knew!!

We're humping like the middle of the week!! real dealings are going down from these genuine / authentic ones!! jokers need to act like they knew!! 

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