Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All Up In The Spot / There's Still No Where To Run and Hide

It's going down!!  but I'm playing it like a veteran in the game..I'm letting things come to me. 

...not chasing things!! not like these squirrels chasing each other during mating season; there's no where to run or hide!!   but during the ongoing genocide / homicide nobody would run to me. 

...unless it's like Israel vs Hamas in the Gaza..it's hating season!!  which seems to be year around. 

What's up with this? it's real brotha!  you'll get eliminated like the USA by Belgium in the World Cup..that's what's up!! there's no where to run or hide!!  if it's trouble?  you'll be found. 

What's up with this? check this Underground Railroad rider!! please!!  not a damn thing has changed...it's still running. 

It's easy to go under in Babylon...what are some on? ..it's like Oscar Pistorius.. please!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! the situation is out of control!!  these haters kept gunning. 

These brothas kept on running!!  even though there's no BET Awards. 

All up in the spot? it's like Jason Kidd moving on from the New Jersey Nets ..morale is low!!  demoralizing!!  not surprising me!!  everybody is not on one accord. 

There's no where to run or hide!! at the end of the day?  the moral of the story is surprising some!!  they're fascinated by the fable. 

There's no where to run or hide!!  like the new Islamic State?  the situation is unstable. 

The situation is unstable like Tropical Storm Arthur forming..or in the Wimbleton where Serena Williams had to withdraw..

All up in the spot...there's no where to run or hide..during the ongoing storm they tried to start with a brotha!! so what's up with y'all??  


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