Sunday, July 20, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Analyzing The Information

I was all up in the spot chilling out;  but I see the morale was low.

What's the prognosis? I analyzed the information..I can see the temperature was hot as I did the math;  results were dismal. 

The information overload aka lethal doses per Danny Glover and Mel Gibson Lethal Weapons were fired like surface to air missiles in the Ukraine...

Lethal doses per heroin from the Bluff in Atlanta? the devil will oppose ya; the game is over mane!! 

Plus these cults will try to get with ya; they're more mysterious than an X-File;  misery was trying to start a corporation. 

These cults of personality were negative!! they were foul!!  you were told to abort your operation. 

But right to life people won't be mad like Hobby Lobby types; please!! those situations were just a smokescreen. 

Right wing activists / lobbies influenced the thought and fashion police!!  harsh is how the joke will seem. 

It can be an inside or outside one;  it can be from alpha to omega

I'm all up in the spot but still outside the box!!  back in the day?  I stood outside the bodega. 

...with the other crooks in these danger zones;  I'm all up in the spot where beggars try to be choosy. 

Like Rolling Stones some are chilling at the Beggars Banquet!! these ATLiens were supposedly grown and sexy but like juveniles they're delinquent;  so it's easy to lose me. 

SUNDAY JAZZ CONTINUES: CHECK OUT THE What's The Prognosis Mix? by O-DOG aka O-Deezy...

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