Thursday, July 17, 2014

Synchronization PT.5 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It's going down!! but minds, bodies, and spirits aren't on the same page. 

Oh!!  I can see some are in conflict with the world..but they don't feel the same rage.  

Is it global warming or the Ice Age?  who'll use the same gauge?  the shade tree mechanic didn't know anything about calibration. 

Who's rolling unethical like Nathan Shady Deal down in Georgia?  if they are?  there's no synchronization. 

Who's on the scene? keeping it real compared to what per Les McCann and Eddie Harris?  jokers aren't fair with this!! who's  caught up in an unpleasant situation?  they're out here swerving. 

I'm considered obscene because I didn't truth or dare this..I stay in my lane!!  rolling in an 18 wheeler /  tractor trailer!!  a real dealer!!  no time for swerving. 

But I am observing the scene occasionally;  at the moment?  I'm parking lot pimping..eating a ham and cheese sandwich. 

Observing the scene;  no synchronization with these jokers trying to "ham and cheese"  their way to satisfaction per the Rolling Stones;  they can have it.

No synchronization with the B.A.S ...aka the bitch ass shxt that's going down in these zones...that can lead to drama like Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 getting shot down by a missile in the Ukraine..

No synchronization? please!! the saga / struggle continues...they're still looking for Malaysia Airlines what's the deally? what's up mane? 

Please!! Israel is trying to gain ground with the offensive in the Gaza...I'll need to do like Lebron James and bring my shooters to the battle..

Per Mike Miller and James Jones to's real!! but I'm not in sync with this thing...the saga / struggle I continue to roll down I-20 in Atlanta....


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