Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Circling The Block

Once again it's on!! damn!!  they have a brotha all up in the spot. 

I'm trying to keep a low profile or they'll have me like Stephen A Smith!! all up in the scheme or plot. 

They'll give us enough rope to hang ourselves but I went on with my bad self!! I circled the block in the hooptie trying to see where the truth will be!! but the morale was low. 

I'm trying to work it all out though!!  but stormtroopers will be patrolling like it's District 12 per the Hunger Games!! so whatcha know? 

I see how ya flow!! some are trolling  through the mainstream of mathematics like they're  extraterrestrials in District 9!! hunger and thirst is exhibited in the game!!  your soon caught in the dragnet and interrogated by thought and fashion police. 

They're trying to see what you knew!! didn't they blow your mind this time per the Delfonics?  fanatics attracted too much attention!! it ain't nothing nice. 

We're doing what we do!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed but we're  paying the price!!  actually we're due a rebate.

.... But not expecting corporate sponsors!!  they were too busy influencing the Federation!!  that's why we feel the hate. 

...or rather the hatred;  The Hague or Geneva Convention will debate it!! but they're probably in on the scheme or plot. 

The content was vague!!  misinterpreted by a non believer!!  but we were jumping and recognizing due to the stimuli when we're all up in the spot. 

Things have gotten hot like July which ends tomorrow!! I was still soaking up Leo sun rays...

I was all up in the spot circling the block in the hooptie!! jokers sweat a Negro!! wondering how this son of God plays!! 

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