Sunday, July 27, 2014

They Weren't Checking For Me; But I Was Cool With It

They weren't checking for me;  like Obama impeachment talk they were trying to play me the other way. 

Some were even disrespecting me;  like a brotha got here the other day. 

But I was cool with it;  like Lebron rocking number 23 I usually play things another way!!  I'm an outside the boxer

Like the Gaza Strip?  iron fists try to rule it;  what are they on? thought and fashion police enforce the doctrine "against ya" 

A brotha could flip but these Israeli Iron Dome types resist the madness!!  this brother is allergic to the B.A.S. 

Otherwise known as the "bitch ass sh@t"  plus the wise and otherwise talk a lot if BS. 

Trying to impress the next when nobody is flawless!!  so why bother? 

Folk are stressed from Chicago to the Gaza Strip;  jokers are rolling lawless!!  I told big homie I can't call this!!  I'm on some "other other" 

I'm cool like that!!  I'm different!!  I wasn't cloned or bar coded. 

Plus I wasn't  micro-chipped;  micro and macro economics hipped me!  the information wasn't overloaded.

 But I'm over it; so I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

 I'm cool with it; they weren't checking for me anyway!!  I just play things another way. 

It Seems Like I'm Standing Alone Against The World; Sunday Jazz Continues; Check The Mix Out!!

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