Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Up In The Spot / The Thrill Was Gone

I was chilling out!! all up in the spot!! but I noticed the atmosphere shifted. 

It wasn't per Jason Nelson coping strategies failed again!! even for the young black and gifted.  

What's the deal with it?  the thrill was gone per BB King!!  everything is not working. 

What's the deal?  some were desperate!! similar to Miley Cyrus twerking. 

Or maybe J Lo;  whatcha know?  Billy Ray Cyrus type mullets / shags were rocked like an old episode of Cops.

I stay low;  check the steelo!! I didn't act a fool with it!!  I wasn't selling bags of rocks or heroin like hustlers in the Bluff or over on Boulevard!! they're trying to stay a step ahead of the ATL cops. 

This Negro knows it's hard on the boulevard!! I'm not trying to bluff you!! the madness fails to stop!! it's ongoing. 

We knew from the get go it would be like the Gaza Strip!!  the drama is ongoing. 

We continue going for what were knowing!! even though another will flip out because the thrill is gone. 

What it do? funk is on the menu!!  plus this good word from O-Zone. 

What it do? this is what we're on!! as we continue to put it down like this!!

We're all up in the spot where the thrill is gone..but we already knew what the deal is..

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