Sunday, July 6, 2014

All Up In The Spots / Still Following Routines Rites and Rituals

I'm all up in the some go through their routine rites and rituals;  I even  spotted the hustlers hustling and players playing. 

Some were spotted at praise and worship services rocking Pastor's and choir robes..representing the roles they're playing...

Plots and schemes were raised up by steering committees..they'll work it another wasn't Easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores!! disaster is flirted with by the daughter of chaos..last night in the ATL? disco strobe lights flashed while wannabe macks and divas were playing...

Our teams lost on penalty kicks like Costa Rica in the FIFA World what's up? it's the middle of summer;  the weather is hot just like the vibe or atmosphere!!  like the Pope and no work Sundays it had a brotha praying. 

 Lord Help!! Lord Help!! was the battle cry!! played by O-Dog the funky it was  uttered while I was laying in the cut or compound.

It's fortified!!!  plus I rock the armor and shield as I get down!!

... Like putting Armor All on the tires of the hooptie..but the game /  sport lied to me!! it's complex!! I was reading it wrong. 

Is it the new world order y'all?  check these new type gangsters!!  hood pranksters have it all wrong. 

Jokers tried to "gank or jank us" ....they found out were all strong! we weren't playing games.

Big Bank Hank wasn't with us!!  they found out what goes around comes around per Larry Drew and Jason Kidd;  karma due to Mike Woodson in Atlanta?...who's still a kid playing games? 

What's good son? check the Deliberate Falsehood...who's playing? due to whistleblowers names come up like Stan Watson's in South Carolina in the story that was twisted. 

....during the ongoing routines rites and morale is low all up in the spot;  jokers tried to call me but my number's unlisted.

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