Monday, July 7, 2014

We're All Up In These Spots / We Surprised Some

We're all up in the spot like Donald Sterling in court to keep the Clippers;  some are surprised to see us here. 

The mothership has landed;  but who will understand? how will we work things? who'll dip with us?   we're from way way out there ! 

Shorty said...we understand;  they were heard saying we would figure it out. 

I guess that's a vote of confidence in a sideways manner;  it's like John Boehner suing Obama...earlier they showed doubt.  

What's up with us? we checked out the drama like 14 killed and 82 wounded in Chicago over the holiday weekend..sideways glances asked the question; but we proceed and continue to go all out;  the saga / struggle continues. 

True indeed!!  this good word is dropped..along with the funk that's on these menus. 

When the mothership lands?  we're rocking these venues!!  like chilling at 4th of July fireworks at Lenox Mall with Party On The Moon..we cosmic slopped them. 

A brotha gets scientific like NASA spotting solar fireworks!! plus God's hands molds and shapes things !! those that were rolling with him?  he never dropped them.

A brotha gets specific per these breakbeat scientific principles;   hard nosed defense is played in these games!!  I never flopped in them. 

A brotha gets specific;  not fronting and flexing!! hoopties?  I hopped in them. 

All up in the spot!!  I dropped them off..what?  packages like UPS and FedEx. 

All up in the spot!!  what it do? we surprised some...I told them the sport is complex.

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