Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / It's All Natural

It's all natural when we kick this!! check out these outback chronicles. 

We "holla atcha"  with this breakbeat scientific business!! it's the response to these and those. 

What?  similar to Russia in the Ukraine it's the response to these policies and procedures that hold us back!!  plus those flagrant agents that enforce them? they'll be dealt with.

What's up mane? that's what the ATLien asked me; may the force be with you!!  the architect of the matrix encouraged them!!  it seems the masses felt it.

Of course we spell it out like were in a spelling bee!! we couldn't fake it like Ted Cruz blaming Democrats for congressional dysfunction as we reflect on past episodes while sitting outback on the deck.

But we're intergalactic like a coronal mass ejection as we cruise through the galaxy!! we gaze into the future due to projects we have on deck. 

Call us retro / futuristic as we try not to go ballistic!! chilling out on the deck drinking cold Coronas on a hot July day!! we're trying not to flip.  

Word from this futuristic mystic!!  the drama can go down  from Tripoli to the Gaza Strip

We stay on top of it while were chilling out outback on the deck. 

Thinking of a master plan per Eric B and Rakim!!  yo!!  so what's next?

Trying to follow the master's plan knowing that the sport is complex!!! that's the only way I can play it!!

Chilling out outback on my deck; a few months ago it was cold out here out here due to the polar vortex; actually this world is still cold!! I have to pray about it!!

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