Thursday, September 15, 2011


Whats the business? it was like the European money crisis..morale was low.. everybody was zoning like legislation in different jurisdictions!

Whats the deal with this? still feeling the effects of the Pisces full moon? some act like they're shell shocked.... like African mercenaries in Libya..or like the East Point police in Decatur Georgia that I spotted...they were out of their jurisdictions....

It wasn't Pulp Fiction;  plus Cartels do big business...not knocking the hustle as I mention this...but theres no drug interdiction; the product continues to flow through!

Is it a contradiction? what's the word from  UBS AG? corporations and cartels are one in the same; act like you knew!

It ain't hard to tell per Nas; plus rocked  Showbiz and AG when we fall we go through this and that; recognize the organized confusion!

It ain't hard to fail due to the chaos theory; so what's the story? recognize the pattern; so whose winning or losing?

Whose zoning after reality is bruising their egos? claiming they're broke like Chris McAlister; they were Caught Up or caught out there!

Whose violating zoning regulations? now caught up in unpleasant situations!! caught out there!

Nothing was fair in love or war; now due to the outcome some are seen zoning!

Whats the deal all? up in the spot morale is low; the system has us coming and going!

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