Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Sheriff In Town...

They wanted to be the new sheriff in town; with methods to the madness that were supposed to be new and improved! 

Penalties, taxes, and tariffs await us as the stock market we come back with this!! haters sweat the technique because previously we showed and proved!

But we know what the deal is; down here in Georgia where the real is... Troy Davis was executed..please!!  actually devious ones proved it to us in earlier episodes!

....Once caught up but now wise to the set up..Ahmadinejad of Iran said he was peeping game...whose sleeping in the game? we roll up faster than the speed of light in discrete modes!

....Plus we follow all applicable street codes; as we put it down like this! 

No mistakes were allowed like Rakim mentioned; like Pakistan said no boots on our ground!! but we knew how the so called sheriff would get down! 

..No fakes were allowed on the squares in the circle...check the work we do..letting it do what it do....where were we found? 

....rocking out down here in the ATL;  mafioso types try to make one big trap out it! 

Where were we found? down here in the ATL..home of bass getting crunk and snap out of it! 

The new sheriff in town said snap out of it!! said we need to get over it like Dr. Phil...but they lacked authority..please!! whose really running things? the mayor of Atlanta is Kasim Reid!

Ups and downs? we had our share of the Gladys Knight and the Pips song...your the best thing that ever happened to we get down!! going in getting it in? true indeed!

As we get this hostile territory....seeds are planted in secret were taking it to another level..this is how were putting it down..

As we get down...we refused to be subject to the drama royalty!! also known as the new sheriff in town..

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