Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Scenery

Summer madness is over a bruh is falling through...chilling!! enjoying the scenery!! even taking the scenic route!

O-Dizzle the funky drummer is back with this...Transmitting Live...falling through..Ready To Roll..a bruh is dealing with the madness!! he was last seen going all out!

Plans fizzle for some...morale is low like confidence in the government..plans fall through like the solar energy company Solyndra...what's the deal with ya? others were seen falling out after we were falling through!! we're showing persistence!

What's the dizzle with these Midwest brothas from Louisville down here in the ATL?taking over like Mike Vick and The Eagles on 9/18? whats up with it?  whose on the same team hating? we're not showing ecological ignorance!

Sociological and psychological problems delay deliverance; some can't enjoy the scenery!

Socio-economic problems are also hot topics; from Europe  to Wall Street.. to y'all's street..situations were hot like the tropics!! some can't enjoy the scenery!

So what's up with ya? some should see O-Dizzle is rocking it!!  that's the deally..that's what it do!

..But opposition is met; it wasn't Aretha Franklin...but I even heard the mockingbird sing  when I was trying to barbecue!  

Opposition is met..but The Lord keeps blessing me..I keep thanking him!! acting like I knew!! I  didn't change my position; sticking to the original plan!

Opposition is met...but God is in the blessing business! now I'm falling through enjoying the scenery;  the colors....the foliage; now dropping knowledge!!! check  the breakbeat science!! maybe....just maybe!! somebody will understand!

After the Mothership lands back on earth after intergalactic journeys..a bruh enjoyed the scenery while he was out there....

Now a bruh gets scientific with it...dropping mathematics for those Caught Up...caught out there!!



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