Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch Yourself PT.2

Spiritual warfare is going down..its in full effect; you'll have to watch yourself!

Lord help us all is the new battle cry; Lord Help Lord Help is the old we keep moving; what's up? a moving target is hard to I went on with my bad self! 

Lord help us all!! the NYPD will shoot down the it's a falling satellite...or even an Air Race plane in Reno..what's up with it? I'm observing the scene bro!!  as I see casualties fall all around me!

Summer madness is over with..Autumn is here!! now check how I fall through with the good word; plus I'm taking it to another level; I brought the sound with me! 

Back with this!! O-Dizzle is rocking them while O-Zone will call you out if your a hater; you found me on the front lines! 

The old school Baptist Preacher up in Louisville Kentucky told me to watch myself!! Buju Banton will amen that's word from Troy Davis..hustles? the system is knocking them...they'll try to front on mine!

...Like they do Pres. Obama; he tried to work with the Republicans but they tried to throw him under the bus! 

Check the ongoing drama like your in yourself!! please!! once again its on!! one more time; that's whats up with us! 

No justice no peace is the catch phrase; but we should know that by now! 

Watch yourself its not all love even though in the background I here Luther Vandross singing here and now!

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