Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Secret Knowledge PT 2

Whats the knowledge for the day? some will try to keep it a secret...time will reveal like DeBarge..or like Obama's job plan..we realize like Gaddafi..sometimes we can't go home! 

The mothership gets good mileage; energy efficient....not crash landing like the NASA satellite..throughout the galaxies we roam! 

 Chilling out..low key...doing the knowledge...some of it was secret..now exposing fallacies that were on the dome; then I hit the purge button! 

I didn't Watch The Throne; it was too shiny!! I'm out here where its grimy and gritty; surviving, but not saying it ain't nothing! 

Watch that tone!! watch your mouth!! speak when your spoken to and come when your called! 

....Knowledge dropped by old schoolers on Broadway up in Louisville up in the spot where I balled!

Secret knowledge revealed about Illuminati ....plus skull and bones..as I adjusted bass levels and tones up in the Buick deuce and a quarter or Buick Regal...that hauled a brotha through the streets of the Ville! 

....On up to Nap Town...over to Cincinnati..down to Nashville actually worldwide..on over to Syria where there's mass hysteria....the system will use abuse and confuse..but I did the knowledge; I had to dip to the ATL! 

Witches and warlocks tried to caste a spell; but no weapons formed would work! 

O-Dizzle rocks out like he was in the Band Of Gypsys with Jimi Hendrix...some thought he would fail...pumping brakes like Bendix..but he did the knowledge; now he's putting in work!

O-Zone is putting out the good word...he had a whole sack full...we did the knowledge...but some of it? we have to be discrete with it..

Danger zone residency is no joke..now that's no secret...

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