Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Train Has Left The Station....Once Again....

The train has left the station; Westbound like the old Funkadelic record label? 

Five Points Marta Train Station in Atlanta....Westbound like Hamilton Holmes stations? after street merchants and street preachers try to reach us? they were acting shell shocked; mushroom psychedelic like..the style was unstable!

Speed merchants pass us up like planes in the Reno Air Race...but the train of thought is rolling !!!the Brotha O-Dizzle O-Zone is analyzing surrounding thought patterns;  fables, fairy tales, and urban myths were spotted!

We fight back against those we can't work with...the drama is like Libya...they ask me...what's the deal with ya? The Sonic Assault is unleashed on those who schemed and plotted!

The fabric is knotted; it wasn't smooth...interactions were affected by the Pisces full moon madness!

A fanatic conducted business as usual; seasons change but the crisis will continue!! it started during the summer madness!

Fanatics were corrupt with it!! just like they say about the Mayweather-Ortiz Keith Sweat said something just ain't right!!  they thought they had this and that under control!

Mathematics are dropped by this brotha; now bear witness to how the train of thought will roll!

As we come back with this; the train has left the station ...The Sonic Assault is what we roll up with!

As we come back with this;  rebuking those that thought they had control of it!

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