Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Big Humpday Question; What's The Deal?

As we proceed and continue; I took a look around...damn!! I said to myself...this doesn't look too questions are asked; whats the deal with it? 

True indeed....the Hell's Kitchen menu doesn't look to good..where's Chef Ramsey? who understands me? after the ten year anniversary of 9-11 Americans were told to be vigilante! 

True you feeling? I heard the belligerent were talking junk; now the vigilante were ready to get busy! 

True indeed!! is this the tipping point? the jump off? who'll get bumped off like Metta World Peace?  on Dancing With The Stars..meanwhile we just got back from out in the galaxy...riding through the planets and we use the intergalactic funk and good word to get busy!

We avoided the falling space it's tip off time in the game..jump ball; on World Peace Day?..questions are asked; who is he is heard? it's O-Dizzle ...he'll get busy...he'll solve the riddle! 

Questions are asked; out there in the sea of inquity...when will we jump the shark? please!! some are still waiting in the minds we spark.....whats the dizzle? like Typhoon Roke... the reign began with a drizzle!

What's the deal? there was a full house in the temple of doom...whose jumping the broom? out their in the storm parades get rained on; plans fizzle...they fall through! 

Whats the deal? ask Troy Davis...storm troopers down here in Georgia or worldwide stay busy...what's the deally?  O-Zone was on his own like Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald; how will the world respond to a bruh when he falls through?

Whats the deal? I thought y'all knew!! I told some they acted like things were phat and all that!

Whats the deal? I took a good look at things...I asked them what can we call that?

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